Discografía de B.B. King


(Letras con acordes de B.B. King)

Bienvenidos a la discografía de B.B. King. Acordes para tocar en guitarra, tablaturas, letras y canciones en acordes de guitarra.

B.B. King Estados Unidos: Bandera Estados Unidos
Origen: Missisipi
Canciones: 7
Género: Blues

LUCILLE (1968)

  1. Lucille
  2. You move me so
  3. Country girl
  4. No money no luck
  5. I need your love
  6. Rainin' all the time
  7. I'm with you
  8. Stop putting the hurt on me
  9. Watch yourself


  1. So excited
  2. No good
  3. You're losin' me
  4. What happened
  5. Confessin' the blues
  6. Key to my kingdom
  7. Cryin' won't help you now
  8. You're mean
  9. The thrill is gone


  1. Nobody loves me but my mother
  2. You're still my woman
  3. Ask me no questions
  4. Until I'm dead and cold
  5. King's special
  6. Ain't gonna worry my life anymore
  7. Chains and things
  8. Go underground
  9. Hummingbird

GUESS WHO (1972)

  1. Summer in the city
  2. Just can't please you
  3. Any other way
  4. You don't know nothin' about love
  5. Found what I need
  6. Neighborhood affair
  7. It takes a young girl
  8. Better lovin' man
  9. Guess who
  10. Shouldn't have left me
  11. Five long years


  1. B.B. King Intro
  2. Let the good times roll
  3. Every day I have the blues
  4. Whole lotta loving
  5. Sweet little angel
  6. Never make a move too soon
  7. Into the night
  8. Ain't nobody's bizness
  9. The thrill is gone
  10. Peacce to the world
  11. Nobody loves me but my mother
  12. Sweet sixteen
  13. Rock me, baby