Buddy Holly - Weezer

Verse [1]
F#                                                  G#  A
What's with these homies dissin' my girl
Why do they gotta front
F#                                           G#  A
What did we ever do to these guys
That they get so violent

D                            C#m           F#
Ooh Ooh, But you know I'm yours
D                            C#m             F#
Ooh Ooh, And you know you're mine
D                                Dm
Ooh Ooh, That's why I-I do... ?? 
(tough line to understand)

A                                 D                      E
Ooh Wee Ooh, I look just like Buddy Holly
A                         D                  E
Uh oh, and your Mary Tyler Moore
F#                              D  E  A
I don't care what they say about us anyway,
A      D      E           A
I don't care about that

Bridge [1]
Play F#   G# slide A under Riff#1
Riff[1] (maybe a synth, but sounds good on the guitar)

E --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ------------13-11--------------------------13-11---------------------------
D --11hp12-11-------12p-11-9-11----11hp12-11--------12-11------- 
A --------------------------------------------------------12-12-----------------
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Verse [2]
F#                                                    G#  A
Don't you live up here, I'm always near
I know that you'll be there
F#                                                            G# A
You're tongue is twisted, You're eyes are slit
You need a guardian

Play Pre-chorus & Chorus Again

Bridge [2] 
(This is the part I didn't get yet that needs work)

It's mostly just A E F# E with a litte run... 
(the trick is to barre the
F#, and let the E openby letting up your index finger. 
When I get a chance I
will fix it, unless someone gets to it 1st!

Bam Bam, knock on the door

Better stay back, get down on the floor

Oh no, what do we do

Don't look down but I lost my shoe

I can't run and I can't kick

What's the matter babe I'm feelin' sick

Whats-a-matter, whats-a-matter, whats-a-matter, You

Whats-a-matter, Babe I'm feelin' blue


This is a great song by weezer and 
here is a short simple way to
play it! Have fun!




Funky end part!